It's Election Time!

Join the FANschool Election Challenge by Election Day to vote for and predict the next U.S. President:

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How does it work?

You will fill out your Electoral Map predictions, deciding whether each state will go Red for Republican or Blue for Democrat in a series of rounds.

Each round gets less and less predictable so use your learning resources wisely!

Submit your map to our National challenge and get writing about what you're learning for a chance to win.

Check out our Election Challenge blog post to learn more!

Why use the Election Challenge?

  • Get students interacting with the Electoral College.

  • Discuss essential questions about voting rights, federalism, and democracy.

  • Explore more local elections and the influence of third parties.

  • Compete for Civic Competence!

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Student Prize: $1000 Scholarship

$1000 scholarship for top student's prediction that we feature the week following the Election!

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Start publishing and sharing what you're learning in our smart social ecosystem for an opportunity to get featured on our Politics feed and another chance to win $1,000. Be thinking about this question especially, "What am I learning from this election challenge?"